Pokemon Go: Community Day – Which Shiny Pokemon Am I Getting This Event?

The shiny Pokemon were first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver Version, from the Game Boy Color. It’s understandable why people kept looking for them when playing the game. The good news is that they’re back for Pokemon Go. Now, don’t think that it would be easier to find these creatures – they are so small and it might take you hours to find one.

Niantic knows that its players really want these creatures, so they give you the chance to catch them on events that are called Community Days.

We know the pattern – focus on only one Pokemon for a three-hour window of time and availability. However, things are changing for the event that’s going to take place in December. The event will last one day and will span the entire weekend, from the 30th of November, until the 2nd of December at 11 pm PST.

This year, they’re probably focusing on 11 possible monsters. So this means that, if the game increases the odds of finding shiny Pokemon (as it did in the past), this is your last chance to work for the collection of rare, shiny Pokemon you’ve always wanted.

We said probably because it’s not quite sure yet, Niantic might want to keep the users connected just by keeping the odds the same as usual – 1 in 400, but that’s not a reason not to enjoy Pokemon GO Community Day. It’s true; those rates are higher than the standard ones, so everyone should prepare for the event.

How many Pokemon are there?

There are five features creatures (17 if we are to include their evolution) that can go from Pokemon GO to Let’s Go after being caught. Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur all can be caught in Pokemon Let’s Go quite easily, but it is still your best shot to get the shiny variants of them.

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