Pokémon Go Tips for Finding the Elusive Ditto

Every Pokémon Go fan knows that some characters are hard to find, but everyone is willing to put every effort into getting those sweet characters with fantastic powers. Ditto is one of the games’ most hidden creatures, but players can get it if they know some tricks.

Ditto is a purple blob with an amazing feature: Transform. This means that it can copy the opposing Pokémon’s appearance until it gets to look exactly like it. There’s no doubt that you need Ditto if you play Pokémon Go, so you’d better learn how to find and catch the little rascal.

Until November 27th, which is this Tuesday, Pokémon Go fans have the possibility to receive Ditto as a reward in Field Research. It will be the prize for Make an Excellent Throw quest. At first, it will look like a Pidgey, but it will transform once it’s caught.

What’s the easiest way to catch Ditto in Pokémon Go?

If you are expecting to see Ditto out in the open while exploring the wild, you might be in for a big disappointment. Most likely, you’ll find this versatile character under the form of other Pokémons, but don’t worry – it reveals itself if you catch it!

In other words, every Pokémon you see could be a Ditto, but don’t get your hopes too high! This creature is very rare, so you’ll have to catch as many characters as you can until you finally find Ditto.

Once you have it, the purple blob will crawl into your Pokémon Bag just as other characters. The player can help it upgrade by giving it Candy. After the update, Ditto can be taken into Gyms for participating in battles.

Ditto can be hiding as other common-finds creatures: Gen 1 – Pidgey, Ratatta, Zubat, Mankey; Gen 2 – Yanma, Hoothoot, Sentret and Gen 3 characters – Zigzagoon, Gulpin or Whismur. Even if it’s so rare, Ditto is necessary for completing special research quests like Melat and Mew. As you can imagine, players really need to find this chameleonic Pokémon.

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