Dolby Atmos APK on Android Available to Download

Dolby Atmos is one of the most modern sound technologies available nowadays. It is produced by Dolby Laboratories and provides awesome sound effects: 3D surround capacities used in cinemas and on devices which support this characteristic like televisions, streaming players, speakers and even smartphones.

Android seems to be the most popular operating system and this is all thanks to its amazing customization capabilities. The possibility to modify the way your mobile plays your music is highly appreciated by Android users.

As we can imagine, Dolby Atmos has developed its own APK for those who like to enjoy high-quality music on their smartphones. In this article we will try to guide Android users throughout the Dolby Atmos APK download and install process. The app can work on rooted or non-rooted devices.

How to install the app when the phone is not rooted

  • Download the Dolby Atmos APK;
  • Install the app, but don’t open it yet;
  • You will have to disable sound equalizers or any audio enhancer from your smartphone, if you have any;
  • The next step is to open Google Play Music, because Dolby Atmos only works through this music player when you are using an un-rooted device;
  • Tapping the hamburger icon and going to Settings are the next steps;
  • Enable Dolby Atmos from the equalizer, then open it and change the equalizer’s settings according to your preferences. That’s all!

Installing the app on a rooted smartphone requires fewer steps

  • Download the zip file containing the Dolby Atmos installer and the uninstaller;
  • Reboot your smartphone while it’s in recovery mode then install the Dolby Atmos zip file containing installation and reboot the device again. This is the final step. When you’re done you can start using the Dolby Atmos app with all its amazing features.

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