Samsung Makes Marketing Changes with its Galaxy S11

Shocking news for Samsung Galaxy fans. The Company’s last release was the Galaxy S10 device and chances are that it will be the last one as Samsung might change de naming pattern and line-up.

It is not the first time Samsung changes its game. On August 24, 2011, the S naming convention started, S standing for Super Smart, as well as the R, W, M, and Y official device naming. So it comes as no surprise if the company decides to introduce a new label for its devices. The letter R stands for Royal and the devices from this category have premium power, design and productivity. The letter W means Wonder and is characterized for high-end phones. The M and Y stand for Magical and Young and is for the most affordable and good quality category of devices.

In South Korea and in the European Union, Samsung already took the Samsung Galaxy A8 will not be the last release for this product.

However there will not be for sure a Galaxy S11 but instead, the company will release Galaxy S20 followed by a Galaxy S30, and so on. The last version Galaxy S9 and the next generation Galaxy Note 9 will be the last models designated by a single digit.

There is a rumor saying that Samsung might just simplify the names of their devices such as Samsung A30, Samsung S40 and so on but this means that they will have to get rid of the Galaxy brand and it is pretty impossible.

It is fair to say that the Galaxy S9 was not selling to good and next year the foldable Galaxy X devices will be released. This means more money spent for production, marketing and so on. So it is understandable why the Galaxy S devices will be pulled out the market or why at least change the name.

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