The Production of the Infinity-O Display for Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Started According to a Recent Report

A recent report suggests that Samsung has already begun manufacturing of Infinity-O displays. These OLED screens, which are set to have a hole for the selfie camera, are expected to make an appearance on the upcoming Galaxy S10.

The new display could be ready for Galaxy S10’s release

In their report, ETNews stated that Samsung’s present manufacturing facilities have been updated, so that the company can now produce the rumored Infinity-O displays. This would also suggest that the company might have them ready for the launch of the Galaxy S10, which is expected to take place around March.

The Infinity-O display will increase Galaxy S10’s screen size

Due to its clever design, the Infinity-O display will allow Samsung to improve the screen-to-body ration of their device without using a notch or a sliding mechanism. However, the new display will also have some disadvantages. Some users will surely be bothered by the position of the hole, located in the corner of the screen, as it might be still quite visible, even though its size will be smaller than the average notch. Moreover, it might be more difficult to hide the hole in the status bar, compared to phones with notches located centrally.

What about the rumored 3D sensors and the dual front camera

According to some earlier rumors, the higher-end model of Galaxy S10 will have either 3D sensors or a dual front camera. This, however, might be very hard to achieve with the Infinity-O display, as its one hole is not enough for both these feature to function.

It is possible that Samsung will introduce the Infinity-O display only on the version of Galaxy S10 with just one front camera. Another solution would be placing one of the front cameras under the screen, but we do not know if Samsung has managed to master such technology.

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