The New iPad Pro Bends Easily with Little Effort

A recent video posted on the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything shows just how bendable the latest iPad Pro is. It looks like all users of Apple’s new tablet must be extremely careful with the way they handle this device.

iPad Pro folds under minimal pressure

In the video we can see the host, Zack Nelson, testing the recently launched iPad Pro. One of the tests he performed clearly shows that this device is far from being the strongest amongst tablets. Nelson held iPad Pro on both ends while putting pressure on the middle part of the device. The tablet folded quite easily, even though the host did not put too much effort in this task.

We should be gentle with the new iPad Pro

Considering the price of the latest iPad Pro, it is not a surprise that this device bends and breaks so easily. After all, rather than trying to damage such an expensive tablet, its users will surely do all they can to protect it against any potential damages. Still, iPad Pro’s high pricing does not justify the ease with which this device folds under the slightest pressure.

iPhone Xs are much stronger than iPad Pro

The JerryRigEverything YouTube channel is known for testing various products when it comes to their endurance. In one of the earlier videos we were able to witness a drop test of the iPhone Xs, which suggests that these devices can handle quite a lot. On the other hand, we have the new iPad Pro, which lacks the stability and strength of the iPhone Xs. At the present moment, we do not know the reason behind iPad Pro’s fragile structure, as Apple has not responded in any way to the recent video.

Most of iPad Pro’s users, however, will never see their device folding so easily, unless they decide to break it on a purpose.

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