A Bug Prevents Apple’s iCloud for Windows Users from Getting the Latest Windows 10 Update

Those who use Apple’s iCloud for Windows tool cannot seem to get the latest Windows 10 update, as they receive a warning from the Microsoft saying that their iCloud software is not supported at the moment. This happens for the version 1809 of the operating system.

What do we know right now

From what we currently know, on Friday afternoon there has been a new upgrade block added on the status page for Windows 10 version 1809’s re-release. This block is in fact completely preventing systems that run iCloud for Windows version It is worth mentioning that this block applies to Windows Server 2019, as well as to Windows Server version 1809.

It seems that Apple is also aware of the issue with the incompatibility with iCloud for Windows, which may happen once a user migrates to Windows 10 1809, while “updating or synching Shared Albums”. For now, Microsoft has mentioned that it is collaborating with Apple so that they will create a compatible version of iCloud for Windows 10, which will have to work with the Windows 10 update.

What should users who experience this problem do in the meantime?

Users who try to install iCloud for Windows that has the Windows 10 version 1809 will get a message regarding the incompatibility, as the installation will fail. Also, Windows computers that have not been yet updated to 1809 are not allowed to upgrade to the latest version until this problem is fixed. Microsoft is also advising against manually updating the system, in case some users would like to do so. They should rather wait until the issue is fixed. It is not known yet when the problem will be resolved, but hopefully a solution will be found soon.

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