Fake Likes and Followers to Be Removed by Instagram

Instagram has just announced that fake likes and follows from accounts that rely on third-party services in order to get more attention from their audience will be removed. According to the company, such accounts are violating the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines of the platform, so only those that will be in accordance with the policy change will be not affected.

What will happen exactly

Based on what we know from this very popular social networking service, some advanced tools developed by it are meant to discover which accounts are using services that bring them fake likes, comments and followers. All of these will be automatically removed by these machine learning-powered moderation tools. What does this mean exactly? Well, it’s quite simple. All Instagram accounts that use these third-party apps in order to get more popular across the platform will get a notification within the app telling them that their fake likes have been removed. Another message that these accounts will get is one that will prompt them to change their passwords. This is to ensure that their security have not been compromised by the third-party apps.

Measures against fake activity will be taken in the following weeks

It’s understandable that, with Instagram becoming more and more popular, there will also be a larger number of people who will want to attract a bigger audience. Some of them will try to take a shortcut on their path to virtual popularity. As such, they will easily choose to use third-party apps in order to get more engagement from people. Instagram’s duty is to make sure that these accounts that falsely boost the popularity of their posts will comply to the new changes. The company needs to protect its image and integrity, so such change was indeed needed.

Fake accounts are no longer part of Instagram, however, this is the first time the company acts on removing fake likes. It looks like in the following weeks, the platform plans on taking more action to remove fake activity.

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