New USB-C Wireless Charger for Qi-Based iPhones Launched by Satechi

It was just announced by Satechi that a new Aluminum Type-C PD & QC Wireless Charger will be launched. This item is meant to allow iPhones and Android devices to be charged at the highest wireless charging speed that they have.

What are the maximum wireless charging speeds?

What this news means is that Android devices will be able to get charged at up to 10W speeds, while the maximum charging speeds offered to iPhones by this wireless charger will be 7.5W.

How will the chargers look like?

The new wireless charger from Satechi is a flat charger, which is made from space gray or silver aluminum and has a black mat at its top in order to stop the smartphone from moving when it’s charging. Based on what we know from Satechi, there are several safety features built in the wireless charger, such as foreign object detection and temperature protection. The detection feature is meant to turn the charger off once it discovers undesired metal objects around. The temperature protection feature will also trigger the wireless charger to turn off once it detects temperatures spikes.

Other features and price

The new charger from Satechi will also have an integrated LED light, which will allow users to know when their device finished charging. There will also be a variation in the light color based on the speed of the charging. The new charger, Satechi’s Aluminum Type-C PD & QC Wireless Charger, can be bought either from the main Satechi website or from Amazon for the price of $44.99. It is also worth noting that a quick charge adapter will not be included in the purchase, therefore you will need to buy it separately in order to have maximum charging speeds.

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