All Alexa Devices Will Allow Us to Make Skype Calls

Users of Alexa devices will be able to use Skype to make calls starting from this week. To be more precise, all Echo devices will now allow us to make voice calls using the VoIP platform provided by Microsoft. Moreover, we will be also able to use the Echo show and its tablet-like screen to make and receive video calls.

You will be able to call landline and mobile numbers via SkypeOut

Making Skype calls on all Alexa devices is not the only addition that comes this week, as we will also be able to use SkypeOut in order to call both landline and mobile numbers. Users will be provided with the possibility to call existing and new numbers. Once we link our Skype account with Alexa, we will receive two months of 100 free minutes to use per month.

How to link a Skype account with Alexa

The process of setting up Skype for Alexa is extremely easy. First, we have to access the Amazon Alexa app on either an Android or iOS device. Once we are there, we need to follow this route: Settings => Communication => Skype. The next step will be to login to our Microsoft account. If the username and password we provided are correct, we will be able to use Alexa to make and receive Skype calls.

The partnership between Amazon and Microsoft gets stronger

The integration of Alexa and Skype was announced roughly two months ago, being an example of a fruitful cooperation between Amazon and Microsoft. Another instance of partnership between these two powerful companies is the integration of Alexa and Cortana, a voice assistant created by Microsoft. Also two months ago, the Alexa app was released for Windows 10 and Xbox One, two products belonging to the Microsoft family.

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