The Foldable Galaxy F to Hit the Market in March 2019

Samsung announced its foldable phone, and also came with big news: it will hit the market next year. We already know some of the features of the phone, but we’re not quite sure about the availability or the price.

The price is of $1,770

We’ve heard from a South Korean news agency that the foldable device is going to be called Galaxy F and it will hit the market in March 2019. We’ ve also heard that the device would cost about $1,770 – this sum is ridiculous and very expensive for a phone. Samsung has not given an official statement just yet, but we know that the device will have when fully opened, a 7.3-inch display and that it will be able to run three apps simultaneously.

Samsung also wants to release what might be the company’s flagship phone for the Galaxy S line – Galaxy S10, next year, on February. The phone it’s supposed to be announced at the Mobile World Congress, that will take place in February, too. With the new device, 5G bolster will also come to the picture.

We know for sure that the Galaxy F is going to be quite a product. If the price is that high, it means that not everyone will be able to buy this phone. But because it’s the first version of this product, it’s actually understandable. It’s exclusive now. The team behind the smartphone will be asked to build the foldable display in a way to be cheaper, so it will become cheaper at some point and, over the years, everyone will be able to afford it.

If we are to be honest, we see the foldable display to also be a trend among the Galaxy Note lineup in some years, too.

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