iPhone X Touchscreen Glitches Free Fix From Apple

Users that have experienced touchscreen issues on their iPhone X will soon have a fully functional device. Apple has released a support document in which the company notes that a component of the display may fail in the case of some iPhone X units.

The failure will lead to touchscreen problems as the device will not register your gestures properly, or it may recognize them only for a limited duration. In some cases, the screen seems to react to touch randomly even if no one touched the display.

According to the official Apple guidelines, the free repair program will cover iPhone X devices for three years after the initial sale day. If in that timeframe the user will experiment problems with the touch screen he or she can go the nearest Apple Care center or authorized partner in order to have their device checked-up. If you already paid for a repair a refund may be issued if the problem that was addressed fits the eligibility criteria of the program.

The exact number of devices that are affected by the problem is not known since Apple did not mention any statistics. The problem has been reported on several forums since the device was launched back in September 2016.  While Apple has admitted that touchscreen glitches may appear when the device is exposed to rapid temperature changes the free repair program is a hint that the problem may be more serious than it was previously thought.

It is important to keep in mind that the program is only available for iPhone X terminals, as the latest models are not included. This may be interpreted as a sign that Apple removed the flaw from the newer models. The program won’t allow you to get your screen replaced for free if you accidentally dropped your device on the floor.

If you want to enjoy exclusive repair prices you may want to opt for Apple Care+.

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