iPhone 11: Specs to Be Shown in a Brand New Video

We’ve all heard that Apple has a new iPhone on its way, that’s going to be called iPhone 11, or iPhone XI (we’re not quite sure yet), that’s supposed to be released in 2019. We’ve also heard some rumors on the internet, that the new design of smartphone got its looks from the new iPad Pro.

Very similar to iPad Pro 2018

The design is going to be thick, if we are to compare it to the ones that exist now – we think that the new ones will look amazing! Apple did redesign the iPad Pro from 2018, so we think that the new smartphone is going to have the same story. Apple always gets the uniform look for its devices, that’s a truth.


As an outcome, the new iPhone 11 comes with a metal frame that’s thinned down, a slender top notch, and with the well-known near bezel-free display. It will come with the dual lens rear camera, that has an up and under layout. Also, the drilled speaker port will come back, except there’s going to be a USB-C shaped port, and not the Lightning option that was placed at the bottom of the phone. We see this as a combo, just like we’ve seen it on the new MacBook Air.

The new device, just like the iPad Pro, is probably going to get a cut at some point, for a pocket-friendly outcome. We hope that this doesn’t imply losing the battery space and longevity.

The design also comes with the idea of three colors to choose from black, gold and white. But we’re not sure, because there’s still a lot of time to pass until the next September.

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