Samsung Showed a Glimpse of its Foldable Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy F may have been shown during the opening segment of the Samsung Developer Conference.

The device sported a flexible large screen that can be folded, with a smaller screen on one of its sides. Dubbed as the Infinity Flex Display, the futuristic display required years of research & development in order to be completely functional.

It is not clear if the device Samsung presented was the elusive Galaxy F since the company didn’t offer any details and the device was shown in a dark area in order to keep its design a secret.

Samsung announced the concept several years ago but technical limitations coupled with the rapid progress of mobile components prevented the device from being commercially viable. It seems that Samsung managed to overcome those challenges as it prepares to release the flexible smartphone in 2019.

Some sources claim that the smartphone will be officially revealed in February 2019 during the Mobile World Conference. It is estimated that the price will be quite steep, as $1850 seems to be the lowest starting price.

A teaser video was released back in 2018, showing a smartphone that could be folded like a book. The plastic flexible screen were shown during CES 2013, but they were only prototypes and Samsung still had a lot of work to do before a functional display could make the jump to a functional device.

After overcoming display problems Samsung struggled with the protection layer that should keep the screen secure and prevent dust and water from ruining the device. The most successful version until now was introduced on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The feature was well-received and Samsung used the design for the latest iteration of the Galaxy family, namely the Galaxy Note 9 and the S9 and S9 Plus.

Samsung is also focused on the Galaxy S10, which marks the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy line. The innovative smartphone may be released in January 2019 but the exact timeline is unclear.

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