OnePlus 7 Latest Leaks – Specifications and Release Date

OnePlus is another visionary company which recently released an excellent smartphone – OnePlus 6T. As we know, successful initiatives are continued, so people started to wonder if and when the Chinese company will launch another handset in this line.

In the information era nothing remains a secret for a long time. As soon as rumours about a new smartphone from OnePlus started to rise, different leaks presenting a part of the device’s features appeared as well.

It looks like the new smartphone will be called OnePlus 7

Everybody is looking for perfection, so smartphone manufacturers are always ready to offer their customers devices that combine modern technology and striking design. According to reliable sources, the new handset could have a shape similar to Samsung.

The internal specs are fascinating. OnePlus7 might come with a powerful 7nm Snapdragon 8150 chip. In addition, the phone will be one of the first devices with 5G connectivity. This feature is almost certain, because the company already confirmed that they are preparing to release a 5G smartphone. They could be talking about a newer version of OnePlus 6T or OnePlus 7.

If you are a person who likes to take a lot of photos, you might be interested in the new phone’s camera. It looks like two options are considered in this area: dual-camera setup or a more advanced triple-camera trend. We don’t have any leaks about this, so we cannot make any predictions.

These are only a few features, but there are a lot more waiting to be discovered. In case you are curious to see how the new smartphone would look like, you will have to wait until the beginning of next summer. The information is not confirmed, but the estimated launch period is May-June 2019.

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