Clash of Clans DarkSouls Private Server 10.322.10 Can Now Be Downloaded

Playing on a Clash of Clans private server can be a lot more exciting for a number of reasons. There are numerous mods, and you can play with custom-made buildings and troops. The DarkSouls private server is one of the best ones. Recently, the latest version 10.322.10 was released. This version came with numerous enhancements and fixes, so today we are going to show you how to get it.

The latest version of the private server comes with plenty of new additions. Players will receive the siege machine, the electro dragon and the Town hall 12. Another important change is the fact that the server can now handle up to 10,000 players at once.

What is the DarkSouls Private Server?

This server is very popular. There are four different servers in total, and each one comes with its own features. In addition to that, all the servers come with unlimited resources which means that you can upgrade your troops and buildings to the max.

The latest update for the DarkSouls private server brought some much needed improvements. The stability of the server was greatly enhanced and there are no more errors when numerous players log in at the same time.

Get the apk

You can download it easily and jailbreak is not needed for it. Additionally, if you type “/commands” you can get all the commands that can be used in the game. The changelog 7.7.5 also brought Goku to the game. Additionally Boom Beach Buildings and Boom Beach Troops were added.

The latest version for the private server came with all the improvements that were needed for a lag-free game experience. Players reported that they did not encounter any errors.

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