How to Get the Newest OnePlus 6T Smartphone

The new OnePlus 6T is finally available and its price starts at $549 for the basic model that has 6 GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. As usual, this device is cheaper than other Android-powered smartphones. What distinguishes OnePlus 6T among its competitors is a very tiny notch, great performance and an in-display fingerprint sensor. Moreover, this smartphone is the first OnePlus device that uses Verizon’s network.

Of course, it has its flaws. For example, its camera could be better and the lack of features such as wireless charging, water resistance and a headphone jack is definitely disappointing. Still, OnePlus 6T is good value for money, especially if you buy it through T-Mobile.

You can get this device straight from OnePlus

If you live outside of the U.S., buying OnePlus 6T straight from its creators is definitely the best option. You can easily order your own smartphone through the company’s website.

  • OnePlus 6T with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage costs $549
  • OnePlus 6T with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage costs $579
  • OnePlus 6T with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage costs $629

Verizon is compatible with OnePlus 6T

Verizon is not a retail partner of the Chinese company, but it is fully compatible with the new OnePlus 6T. All users who think about switching over to Verizon should consider getting this device through the OnePlus website, as it will allow them to use the second SIM card, while it is not possible with T-Mobile.

The option through T-Mobile

T-Mobile is the first American partner of OnePlus, therefore you can get their devices straight from the physical shop of this mobile company. While T-Mobile only offers the middle-range version of OnePlus 6T that will cost you $579, you can also get it with monthly installments – $24.17 per month in the 24 month-long plan. You can also switch your own phone to T-Mobile, which will allow you to save up to 50 percent. However, the option with T-Mobile will not let you use your second SIM card slot.

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