A Lock Screen Security Issue Discovered on Apple’s iOS 12.1

The first major upgrade of iOS 12 has introduced some very important fixes and features, but it also brought a security concern for its users. All those who upgraded their iPhones and iPads to iOS 12.1 are now at risk of getting hacked quite easily.

Contact list can be accessed through the 3D Touch feature

Due to an issue with the lock screen security, everyone can access all the contact information through the Face ID or Touch ID features. Jose Rodriguez, who is a security researcher, demonstrated that once we call another user’s iPhone from our iPhone and the connection is established, the call switches to a FaceTime video call with the “Add Person” option already pressed on the iPhone we call. This in turn shows us the full contact list of the device, allowing us to access all data of any contact from the list using the 3D Touch feature. This way we can get their phone numbers, email addresses and other personal information.

Similar issues have been detected on all iOS 12 releases

Users of iOS 12.1 definitely have a reason to be worried, as Rodriguez needed only two hours to uncover the issue. Moreover, this is not the first time when such simple security bypass was discovered. The researcher has found similar issues on every iOS 12 version that Apple has released so far.

Apple did not keep its promise

Last year when Apple promised that owners of older iPhones will not have to face the same issue with the release of the new operating system, none of the users of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X expected that the situation will repeat in 2018. The company now has to face legal actions all around the world for its broken promise.

The lock screen security issue is not the only one that iOS 12.1 users have noticed so far, as apparently there are also some graphics glitches and problems with Wi-Fi and a quickly discharging battery. All these issues will surely have to be addressed by Apple as soon as possible.

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