WhatsApp Has Found a Way to Show Ads

During an event that took place in New Delhi, Chris Daniels, the Vice President of WhatsApp, stated that this popular messenger will start displaying ads next to its Status feature. According to him, the revenue that WhatsApp will gather from the app will constitute the “primary monetization made for the company”. He also said that the ads will give “an opportunity for businesses to reach people”. Daniels did not give us any specific date as to when this change could be finally implemented.

The huge success of WhatsApp Status

Launched at the beginning of 2017, WhatsApp Status was supposed to be the answer to the Stories feature that can be found on both Snapchat and Instagram. Since its introduction, WhatsApp Status has become so popular that it even surpassed Snapchat when it comes to the usage. This feature can be used to add a mix of videos, photos and text, all encrypted similarly to the messages. Updates of the status can be seen by the contacts for up to 24 hours, then they disappear.

Facebook wants to make more money from WhatsApp

Since the subscription fee for WhatsApp was removed back in 2016, everyone felt that Facebook will try to get its money out of the messaging service in a different way. However, at the time the company seemed to follow the original principles of WhatsApp. They even stated, “you can still count on absolutely no ads interrupting your communication”.

WhatsApp might generate huge revenue from ads

The situation is now completely different. The founders of the service decided to leave the company owned by Facebook due to the social network’s plans to start making money from WhatsApp. Earlier this year, Facebook made some changes so that now they can get their revenue from this hugely popular app.

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