Need to Speed Up Your Internet? Try These Tips

When you have a lot of work to do, the last thing you need is for your internet to run slow, especially during these pandemic times. Or even if you’re a hardcore gamer who likes to compete with others, you want to make a live video on Instagram, and more – you definitely need a decent internet speed.

If there’s no serious malfunction with your PC, tablet, smartphone, console, or any other machine you use to go online, there are free methods of boosting the internet speed. Let’s check out some of them:

Perform a complete scan for viruses

Viruses attacking your computer without leaving any apparent trace can also slow down your internet speed. A simple scan with an antivirus and restarting your gear afterwards can fix the problem. There are many free antivirus software out there to choose from (Avira, Avast, Bitdefender, Comodo, etc.), or you could aim for an extra layer of security by paying just a few bucks. However, most of the paid antiviruses also offer a free trial period of at least 15 days, meaning that you’ll have plenty of time to convince yourself about the product’s quality.

Close unnecessary programs/apps

Head over to the Task Manager and see if unnecessary programs/apps are running in the background. You should also check for programs starting along with the operating system itself that you don’t need. Remember what we said earlier about viruses? Last but not least, go to the Control Panel and permanently remove any programs you don’t need. In this area, you could also find peculiar software names that you don’t even remember installing. These are usually malicious programs taking advantage of your computer (malware, adware, mining viruses, etc.). You may not be able to remove them by simply hitting the ‘remove’ option, but that will take you right back to the first heading of our article. Use your antivirus to get rid of these pesky files, and you may need to try several antivirus programs to finish the job. Ultimately, you can reinstall the entire operating system if the antiviruses cannot throw away those malicious files. It would take a while, indeed, but it can be your best chance to improve internet speed.

Use a fast VPN

Using a fast VPN (Virtual Private Network) can get you rid of many headaches caused by poor internet speed. But there’s the serious disadvantage that you’ll rarely find a powerful and also free-of-charge VPN. However, Hotspot Shield and ProtonVPN are still decent options even in 2021.

Check your router

There are many situations when the router itself is the source of poor internet speed. What’s even more amazing is that, in this case, you can speed up your connectivity in extremely simple ways. You may need to only restart the router by unplugging it, move it to a different place in your room, or reset it and follow the old procedure of configuration by typing the IP address of your router in the browser which is typically, and for Tp-link router login you can check the back of your router for correct information.

If your slow internet problem still hasn’t gone away after trying the steps mentioned above, you should consider replacing your router or upgrading your hardware specifications. Obsolete gadgets can always cause issues with internet speed.

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