How Do You Play Solitaire for Beginners?

Playing Solitaire during the breaks from work or when you just want to make time flow faster is a great idea whether you’re into card games or not. Anyone can learn Solitaire, and a solid argument is that more than 35 million people worldwide play the game monthly.

Just like pretty much any other card game nowadays, you can play Solitaire either online or with physical playing cards. We recommend the first option, as it can put you in contact with many other people across the world.

If you’re a beginner in playing Solitaire, you can start by following these simple steps:

  1. Create four piles of cards

Create the piles in ascending order (aka foundation piles), and start with Ace until you end with King.

  1. Build the layout

Put down the first card face up and put the other six cards next to it but face down. The next move will be to put one card face up on top of the first face down card. Next, you’ll have to put a face down card on top of each of the five other cards. You must continue by the same formula until each pile has one face up card above and so that the left pile has one card.

  1. Add the remaining cards in a separate pile

You’ll have to place the new pile above or below the other piles. If you run out of moves, this will be the stock pile that you can use to get more cards.

  1. Leave some room at the top of the four foundation piles of cards

There are many ways to play Solitaire, but we’ve only covered the absolute basics for beginners.

There are also several variations of Solitaire, and the most popular version is known as Klondike Solitaire. This variation is so popular that it has become a synonym for the 31-year old card game that makes the subject of this article.

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