What Makes a Good Scrabble Player?

It takes months and even years for Scrabble players to become good at the famous word game. Scrabble was invented almost a century ago, in 1933, by an architect named Alfred Mosher Butts. The game was initially seen as a great entertainment source for millions of Americans who were suffering from The Great Depression, the major economic downfall that hit the world between 1929 and 1933.

There are many simple ways to improve your Scrabble games: looking for ‘hooks’, play defensively, add prefixes and suffixes, and more. But it takes more to become a truly good Scrabble player, and let’s find out some of the best methods:

Improve your native language

The more you get your English right (or whatever of the 31 languages your Scrabble game is in), the better player you’ll become! Try to always improve your native language through courses, school, or even through regular conversations! Try to take full advantage of your dictionary, watch movies without subtitles, and never stop challenging your friends at playing Scramble! These are simple and fun methods of becoming a better player at the famous word game, and you’ll surely become addicted to learning new words if you truly want to dominate your friends in Scrabble.

Memorize at least 20,000 words

This one could be included in the first heading, but we just have to highlight it. There are easily over 80,000 words in Scrabble, and memorizing at least a quarter of them is a significant step towards becoming a top Scrabble player. It’s also worth remembering that longer words are sometimes more useful than the rest, as they can be used to bingo.

Use small words

For the age-old question ‘does size matter?’, the Scrabble game has a simple answer: not necessarily. Even two-letter words can help the player score big if he uses them to make multiple words in just one turn. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use letters that we all encounter throughout the day, such as ‘hi’, ‘no’, ‘up’, ‘me’, and many more. In order to become a top Scrabble player, you need to be good with both long and short words. Some advanced players make the mistake of neglecting the short words. Although there has been a steady rise in so-called scrabble cheat or words with friends cheat where the player generates valid words from the dictionary to stay a step ahead of competition but such tools should be only used for reference and learning purposes.

One great advantage of playing Scrabble is that it doesn’t matter how old you are. People of all ages are playing the game.

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