R2Games Launches Eco City and Lords of the Arena Just in Time for Christmas

The R2Games platform is getting two new games just in time for Christmas. The publisher has announced two new titles: Eco City and Lords of the Arena.

Eco City is a city simulator where players plan how their city will look like, build various buildings, roads, decorate the city, and more. Lords of the Arena is an RPG where you get to either play with or against other players around the world. Complete the campaign and defeat your foes in Lords of the Arena.

Both games are free to play and come with optional purchases done through recharging. Furthermore, Christmas events are also heading over to the R2Games platform. Let’s see what each game looks like.

Eco City

If you love city builders like Sim City but you want an easier and more relaxed experience, Eco City is your game. This Sim City is perfect for players that like building cities and relax.  This fun game mixes farm and city simulator features to allow players to develop a seaside town and turn it into a metropolis or a farm.

The game offers plenty of options in terms of constructing buildings or gardens, orchards and farms. You can build an eco-friendly city in Eco City, and invite friends over.

Starting your city in this game is easy even for players new to this genre because your character, the Mayor, is there to guide you through the first moves. He’ll be explaining everything you need to know to get started and develop your city’s infrastructure. Recycle, produce organic products and build a beautiful eco-friendly city.

Eco City has launched on the R2Game’s English, German and French platforms and it is available in English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese.

You can check out Eco City at https://ec.r2games.com.

Lords of the Arena

A fresh new addition to the R2Games platform, Lords of the Arena is a new RPG that brings some MOBA elements into the mix. This is an idle online strategy game where you find allies and enemies and fight with friends and players worldwide to defeat dangerous monsters and bosses.

You’ll form a team of heroes that will come with you in battles against the dark magic. Complete the campaign, equip your heroes with weapons and armors and upgrade them to unlock new strategies and features in the game.

Lords of the Arena has 30 heroes that you can choose from, and each one has unique abilities that can be useful on the battlefield. There’s also a PvP Arena where you get to fight other players, and you can also win weekly tournaments in Guild events.

The history of the races in Lords of the Arena is also captivating, and as you progress and encounter new challenges, you get to learn more about the epic story in this game.

Lords of the Arena is available in English, German, French and Russian.

You can check out Lords of the Arena at https://lota.r2games.com.

R2Games has plenty of free online titles, including MMORPG, strategy, casual or idle games. Check them out at https://r2games.com and stay tuned for more Christmas events and special rewards.

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