Popular Strategy Game The Third Age Is Launched on Android Platforms

R2Games announces that their popular free-to-play browser strategy game is now available as an app on Android devices. In November, The Third Age has been officially launched in both Google Play and HUAWEI App Gallery.

F5Game will release one of the most popular strategy games that was previously available on PC through the R2Games online browser on more mobile operating systems. The Third Age will show up in the App Store soon, and in 2021 we will also see TTA on Steam.

The great thing about The Third Age on mobile is that the game is cross platform, which means you can continue your adventure in the game wherever you go, on whatever device you want. You can play on your PC and then continue playing on your mobile phone or tablet when you’re on the move. Multi-platform play also means you get to experience the adventures in TTA with friends that use a different device.

How To Install The Third Age on Android Platforms

Installing The Third Age on mobile is very easy. For instance, to download TTA on Android, players must have an internet connection, open Google Play and look for “The Third Age,” or head over to this link to get directly to the app – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.n2pg.tta

Then, with a tap on “Install,” the game starts to download and install. As soon as you open The Third Age, you’ll head into a battle against a strong enemy, and you slowly discover the world in the game.

Note that The Third Age only works on Android 4.3 and newer OS builds, and that it will need 137Mb of free space to be installed.

The Third Age Gameplay Features and Story

The Third Age is a fantasy strategy game that also incorporates real-time battles. You will have to be the hero of your nation and build your empire. Whether you want to build your own kingdom, lead your troops to battle or play with other players around the world, The Third Age offers plenty of content and adventures.

New players will easily learn how to battle or expand their kingdom thanks to the user friendly interface and the in-game tutorial. For the players that want to learn more about the lore, systems or strategy in The Third Age, you can check the guides on the R2Games website. There’s PvP, PvE and GvG battles, and everything is cross-platform.

You will have to choose a nation: Watchmen’s Union, Storm Empire, and Blood Tribe and fight to dominate Middle Earth. But to become powerful, you must expand your city, find different strategies to defeat your enemies in battle and compete with other players to become the hero in this fantasy world.

As the game description in the Google Store notes, some of the main features in The Third Age are:

  • Build a Legendary Kingdom – build farms, fortresses, and various buildings to get more heroes and train your troops and become a legend.
  • Be a General and Lead Your Troops – plan various battles and conquer territories, be part of battle royales, or attack other kingdoms. Upgrade your heroes and equip them with the gear you won in your battles.
  • Play with Gamers from Around the World – connect with players in TTA from all over the world and fight with or against them.
  • Amazing Graphics – the effects in the game are stunning, the artwork looks great.

R2Games’ The Third Age manages to keep you in the fantasy world for hours and hours, with its eye-grabbing visuals, interesting storyline and the endless fights.

Other features included in The Third Age are multi-language support and real time translations in the chat so that you can talk with people from different countries no matter the different languages. The game is free to play and has optional in-app purchases.

The Third Age can be played on PC from the R2Games website (soon from Steam as well), and now from the HUAWEI App Gallery and Google Play store.

You can also head over to the Facebook Fan page at https://www.facebook.com/TheThirdAgeGame to stay up to date to all the in game events and stay connected with the community.

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