Google Play Services Version 21.30.14 Will Improve Your Android Device’s Performance

Smartphones took the world by surprise a little more than a decade ago. They marked a significant stepping stone into the foundation of modern society.

Some of us vividly remember the time when phones didn’t feature cameras, wi-fi, 3G, and all the other things we take for granted nowadays.

Back in the “good ol’ days,” we had to press a physical key on a minuscule phone to insert a letter into an SMS, and basic communications took ages.

When it comes to smartphones, most of their “smarts” come from their operating system (OS).

As for the operating system, Android is one of the most popular operating systems for smartphones across the globe.

Its main rival is iOS, developed by Apple.

However, unlike iOS, which only has to run on a small number of Apple-made devices, Android has to run on millions of different smartphones and tablets, each with its unique specifications and customizations.

For that to work properly, the operating system must be constantly updated and optimized.

Thankfully, Google developed a tool that does just that – Google Play Services.

Google Play Services is tasked with updating Google apps and other apps that you download from Google Play.

It is a vital component to the well-being of all Android devices, as it provides critical functionality like Google Services authentication, access to the newest user privacy settings, synchronized contacts, lower-powered location-based services, plus tons of other minor tweaks that enhance the experience of your phone has to offer.

Google Play services also play a part in-app experience by improving offline searches, improving the immersivity of maps, and speeding up gaming experiences.

The app is so vital that the operating system may not work properly if you uninstall it.

Also, you shouldn’t even consider uninstalling Google Play Services, as it also plays a part in your smartphone’s security.

The app has just reached version 21.30.14. It normally updates itself automatically. If that didn’t happen, we highly suggest that you update the app manually to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the optimization features it offers.

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