Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo – What We Know So Far?

The remake of Final Fantasy 7 is said to deeply please the fans of the series. People even think that the game will be a contender for game of the year in 2020. The game will be released in March, next year.

PS4 users will be the first to play the game next year and the word is that it’s going to be a crowd pleasure based on the promotional materials we have seen so far. The devs from Square Enix have put a lot of work in developing the classic PlayStation game into a modern masterpiece.

Demo Rumor

There are some rumors flying around that a demo of the game will be available for fans to play before the official launch of the game on the 3rd of March in 2020. The rumor got started even before the start of E3 2019. It is being said that the demo will be close to the promo content that has been issued at the various gaming conventions this year.

Some fans have been able to play a little bit of the upcoming game at Gamescom this August. The word is that it’s going to be great as it was able to please pretty much everybody with the sneak peek.

Final Fantasy Nostalgia

The promo we have seen so far brings a lot of the identity of the franchise to life. The classic soundtrack of the game running in the first frames we’ve seen is a very nice touch. The graphics really lift up the excitement the game provides and the visual quality is probably among the best done so far with any game.

The steam and the glow of the Mako reactor gives you the sensation you’re there. The character models do really stand out, as it sometimes feels like you’re watching a real person on the screen. The devs have worked well with lighting effects, as the glitter on a character’s skin or on the barrel of a shiny gun is something that hits the spot.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay

The gameplay is obviously classic Final Fantasy with epic sword swings and flashes. But the weight of a sword actually feels good and heavy. Unlike the previous, non-existent feel, like hitting someone with a pack of butterflies.

There is a lot of hack and slash action that might feel boring but the remake handles the issue quite well. There are some tough battles in the game and some strategy would be welcomed to overcome fights. With multiphase fights that require a lot of running and jumping around, the player is pretty much on the edge of the seat.

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