‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ Release Date: Will We Get the Game by 2025?

Everyone wants “The Elder Scrolls 6” to just hit the market already. It’s the most anticipated game from Bethesda. Todd Howard, from the studios, said that the sixth game from the series would be new. Pete Hines, from the SVP of Global Marketing and Communications, has talked about the release date of the game. Based on the window, the game will probably hit the market in 2025.

If we are to take a closer look at the statement, we could see that “The Elder Scrolls 6” fans will see the game In 2025 or beyond. After all, Todd Howard was the one to say that they want to take their time with the developing of the game. They want to create “The Elder Scrolls 6” to be a title that fans will enjoy for at least ten years.

Howard also said that from the moment fans would start playing the game, they would understand why it took so long for the developers to create the game, and why it was worth the waiting.

Many fans would also like to see a bit of Skyrim on the sixth game of the series, since playing the game actually gives us the feeling that we’re playing more than one game.

The release date of the game will also depend on the release date of Starfield.

Bethesda Studios has already talked about the game, and they said they are currently developing the Starfield title. Keep in mind that the sci-fi game will not be released on the current gaming platforms. They are made for the next-gen consoles. With this in mind, PlayStation 5 is set to be officially released in 2020. Xbox’ Project Scarlett is also expected to be released in 2020.

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