SHAREit Lite 2.1.08 Launched With Improved Login Experience And SD Card Storage Option

SHAREit Technologies has been founded in 2015 and it has seen massive growth, gaining 1.8 billion users worldwide. The success of the app has generated some offshoot apps that provide different services, such as cloning your device and performing system cleaning. SHAREit Lite 2.1.08 launched with some novelties.

SHAREit app is very popular in Asia as there are over 600 million users in India and Indonesia alone. It has been rated as a favored app in these countries, as well as across the Middle East, Russia, and Africa.

Now, the company has launched SHAREit Lite for users that do not benefit from large storage space on their devices, as well as unlimited bandwidth. The purpose of the app remains the same but some features have been removed, leaving only the basics behind. The Lite version of the app is not officially launched in the US and Europe.

SHAREit Lite Features

  • Easy file sharing – The Chat tab is the place to start a conversation with someone and start exchanging files. The app can use Android contacts to directly start up a conversation.
  • Post files – The Feed tab on SHAREit Lite will allow you to post files for everyone in your contacts list to see.
  • Versatility – The Lite version allows for a multitude of files types to be exchanges with no restrictions to the number of files or their size. You can share videos, photos, documents, ebooks, zip files, APKs and much more.
  • Location – If you allow SHAREit Lite to access your location, the app will find nearby users that you can exchange files with.
  • Bluetooth – Activating Bluetooth on your device will allow the app to set up a link with nearby users faster. Making for a stronger connection between the devices.
  • Speed – Because of its innovative connection between devices, the app transfers files 200 times faster than a simple Bluetooth connection. All without losing quality on the files.

What’s New in SHAREit Lite 2.1.08?

SHAREit Lite 2.1.08 rolled out recently with some novelties. The new SHAREit Lite 2.1.08 comes with improved login experience, new SD card storage option, plus some performance improvements and bug fixes.

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