Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and 6 Battery issues and Fixes

The devices in the sector of the market are a mix between a laptop and a tablet. They seem appealing to a portion of the public but because of their hybrid nature, the Surface 5 and 6 have been reported to have battery issues.

A Microsoft forum is the source of the battery reports as users have been quick to identify the problem and post about it. Users have blamed the latest Microsoft update for the Surface Pro 5 and 6 models for the battery issues. The update was supposed to optimize battery performance but it somehow managed to worsen the situation.

Battery draining with Surface turned off

The first person to report the battery issue after the Microsoft update is saying that he’s losing 10-15 percent of battery life when the Surface Pro is actually turned off. Another user has reported a 20 percent loss when opening his device after receiving a full charge. What are the devices doing while they’re turned off?

Battery level reduce just with running Word

The battery losing some of its capacity while the device is turned off is a new one. But users have also noticed that the battery life on their Surface devices is slowly decaying while the devices are being used.

One user has reported that Her Surface Pro 5 is lasting a maximum of 3 hours while only working on Microsoft Word. With the power level fluctuating and decreasing regularly.

Microsoft trend

It is looking like Microsoft is very slow to respond on user reports and act on them. One particular user that is also a volunteer moderator on has signaled a major issue with the battery on his Surface 3 a number of years back.

He has said that it took the company 9 months to verify and admit to the battery issue. Marking a trend in how Microsoft conducts its business concerning software and hardware issues, along with user feedback.

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