Minecraft Java 1.15 Update Brings Bees, Honey Farming, And Other Novelties

Significant Minecraft Java 1.15 update released to enhance players experience. The new Minecraft Java update brings bees and honey farming, plus some other exciting novelties.

Minecraft Java officially brings bees! The newest update is now available on the Minecraft Java 1.15 version. Players out there and true fans consider this to be a needed update! A new unbiased mob, bees can be seen as pretty little creatures, very quiet and chill, depicting very well the real ones.

An available full list of notes is ready for us as well, in order to get a better understanding of the ways that bees behave and other skills they have in the game. Also, it is said that the notes represent quite the features, depicting the real bees.

Mojang, the game developer, further explains that the newest update is looking really cute and all, and it will surely be the prettiest thing in the game.

Bees, Honey Farming, And More Come To Minecraft Via Minecraft Java 1.15 Update

The bees will represent a threat, just like in real life, only if we are one for them. Of course, bees love flowers and spend their time around them, gathering, what we already know, pollen. Such features it surely looks neat in the game!

Probably, the most important thing the bees will provide is the fact that they will help you a lot, growing your crops. Bees don’t seem to like rain, however, and they will completely die if they will succeed to sting you.

Until now, it’s all been so much like the real world, that it’s impossible not to understand the newest update. Further additions include some bee nests and hives, two major features of the Minecraft Java 1.15 update.

Nests have the skill to spawn naturally and the made honey could reach a level 5. Hives, of course, are player constructed nests, made of some honeycomb and wood! A new item containing a honey bottle will let players drink it or craft it into sugar. It all seems a little bit sticky and stingy, but for sure it will a whole new adventure in Minecraft Java 1.15!

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