Samsung Galaxy S12 to Come with Batteries Used in Nokia 3310 – Is This a Good Idea?

Smartphones are great, and we all know that. But there is one problem when it comes to all of them: battery. You need to charge them regularly.

However, Samsung has big plans for its 2021 flagship series. It can come back with the type of battery life that was used on Nokia 3310. And they want to do this while keeping all the features that we admire.

How is this possible?

We are talking about graphene batteries. The material is more efficient than what we have today – lithium-ion tech for all the iPhones out there.

But Evan Blass, who has become a reliable source when it comes to yet-to-be-announced-products, says that Samsung wants to use this kind of battery technology by the end of 2020, or early 2021. If this is actually true, it means that the Galaxy S12 will be the first one to get this type of battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S series is always released in the first few months of the year, and the Galaxy Note range appears on shelves usually around August.

How good are these batteries for nowadays’ smartphones?

Blass said that those batteries based on lithium-ion are suboptimal. He then said that Samsung wants to have at least one handset with the graphene battery instead. It could full-charge in less than half an hour, which means excellent capacity at lowers costs.

Graphene comes with many advantages and a number of properties that make it the perfect and ideal material to be used in batteries for smartphones. It comes with the ability to charge-up very fast (again, under half an hour), keeps cool when it is used a lot, and its fantastic durability.

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