SHAREit Lite 2.0.28 Launched With Improvements And Bug Fixes

File sharing is a very popular activity among smartphone users and not only. You may want to share some pictures, videos, or documents with your family, a song with a friend, or a funny video with a coworker. These files can be sent with the help of Bluetooth, but you will have to wait for a long while until the task is completed. SHAREit Lite is an excellent app which takes the file-sharing experience to new heights.

Recently, SHAREit Lite 2.0.28 launched with several performance improvements and bug fixes. If you’re already accustomed with SHAREit, one of the best file sharing apps out there, then you’ll love SHAREit Lite, a light-weight version of the original application. SHAREit Lite sports the same features of the standard SHAREit app, and you can read below to learn more about the app and some of its most significant features.

SHAREit Lite Features

  • No internet connection – The app does not need an active internet connection to send the files.
  • Social chat – Use the built-in chat features to interact with your friends. Send private messages or create group chats to bring everyone up to speed.
  • No restrictions – Some apps allow you to send files but are quite picky when it comes to size and type. SHAREit can be used to send anything, including pictures, videos, songs, documents, apps and app folders, zip files so much more.
  • No size limits – Aim higher and send HD movies, entire albums, document batches, photo albums, and other large files without the need to worry about waiting for hours while the files are being transferred.
  • Free – The app is available for free, and there are no hidden costs.

What’s New in SHAREit Lite 2.0.28?

While some updates bring new features or visual changes, that’s not the case of SHAREit Lite 2.0.28. The new SHAREit Lite 2.0.28 version comes with new bug fixes and performance improvements.

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