Android Q Will Now Be Officially Called Android 10

Android Q is finally getting an official name. Or a designation at least. Q was more of a title than ’10,’ but another OS will roll out in a few years, so it doesn’t matter too much what it’s called. The simple designation managed to trick fans, however, as everybody has been speculating over what dessert name was going to be attached to the OS.

Google has been causing a lot of hype with its new OS because of the fancy gesture control features it will have, among other things. Users were wondering so much about the official name of the new OS that it was actually considered more important than what it can actually do.

Google dropped the desserts designation for Android OS

The habit or tradition of naming Android versions after tasty treats and desserts has apparently ended. The company has actually issued a statement that addresses the change. They say that they wish to shift their naming process.

Developers have always had a bit of fun with the names, but it has been brought to Google’s attention that users around the world were having difficulties with handling the funny names. So, because of the need to be universally understood, the desert names will be dropped, and designations like numbers will replace them.

Because people can’t pronounce different letters and make certain sounds, the OS dessert names were jumbled up and even mistaken for candy. Google wants to please their fans around the world, but they also want to make money, and they probably thought that annoying their international user base would not be a good idea.

Brand tweak – Android Q becomes Android 10 with a new logo

Google is one giant business, but they’re always growing and changing. A short promotional video was released that showcases the change in the company’s logo and overall branding style of the Android OS.

Google has changed the font, rounded up the edges everywhere, and cut the head off of their robot to make the logo more minimalistic. Do you like how the logo looks now? What about the name change from Android Q to simple Android 10?

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