New WoW Classic Realms Added in the US and Europe, 3 Classic Characters Limit Removed

Blizzard is again opening new servers for both the US and EU region seeing that the latest PvP servers they added have already been filled and more players will be joining on August 27 when WoW Classic is released.

To prevent extremely long queues, the Classic dev team has announced the addition of 4 new realms for the US and 5 new realms for EU.

The great news is that they will remove the limitation of creating only 3 Classic Characters per Realm on a Warcraft account. Starting with August 26, they will be able to create up to 10 characters per Classic realm – this means up to 50 characters on Classic per account, announced community Manager Kaivax:

On 26 August 2019, 20:00 “we will remove the limitation on only creating a total of three WoW Classic characters per WoW account. Thereafter, players will be able to create up to 10 characters per Classic realm, for a total of 50 characters across all Classic realms per WoW account.”

These new realms will be opened at the same time (26 August, 20:00)

New US Realms (open 26 August, 20:00)

Old BlanchyPvEPacific

You can check out all the US and Oceanic realms and realm types on the blizzard forum post recently updated by Kaivax.

New EU Realms (open 26 August, 20:00)

Nethergarde KeepPvEEnglish

You can check out all of the other European realms and realm types on the blizzard forum post by Aerythlea.

Extremely Long Queues on Full and High Population Realms

“At this time, all realms that have a Full or High population tag are expected to experience extended queues. We urge players on realms marked Full or High to plan to play on one of these new realms to avoid the longest queues, and to help spread the player population as evenly as possible and provide the best play experience for everyone.”

Community Manager Bornakk added in his forum posts on the US and EU regions the following details, warning players that queues will be extremely long on the Full servers:

“Each of the Full realms has a LOT of characters to the extent that it may be more than can fit into the queue system. As a result, you may not be able to get into the queue when you want to play and even if you do, it will likely be a very long wait.”

He also went on reassuring players that there is enough population on the servers that are not yet Full:

“All of the existing realms have a healthy population. Even a Full realm in 2006 would be Low by our current metrics. Any realm that is listed above Medium should expect queues at launch, with increasing severity from High to Full.”

If you want to play WoW Classic right away, we also recommend joining the Medium servers or the new ones. The great news is that we can all start reserving some new names on more servers, since the limit of 3 characters will be lifted. Four more days, folks!

Are you still wondering what class to choose in WoW Classic? Check out our short guide here.

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