iOS 12.4 Jailbreak Launched Thanks To An Unpatched Vulnerability

Apple suffers after some uncovered problems in iOS 12.4, that had been resolved recently, but other issues appeared for the company, problems that make jailbreak fans happy. Jailbreakers took their chances and developed the first public iOS 12.4 jailbreak that is now available.

The news about jailbreaking any iPhone which is updated to the iOS 12,4, took the whole tech world by storm, and all the users, as well. The Apple company is now suffering by one of its biggest mistakes so far. Their accidental left an iOS 12.4 vulnerability unpatched for some time, permitting for an iOS 12.4 jailbreak solution to be developed.

The work of the security researcher and hacker, Pwn20wnd, with a well-known reputation in developing several iPhone and iPad jailbreaks in the past years, was well done, putting Apple in the corner. But, if we think more about the issue, it’s just so hard to understand how a great company, with flawless devices and other systems, let something like this to happen in the first instance.

iOS 12.4 Jailbreak Made Possible Thanks To An Unpatched Vulnerability

Apple’s decision to launch its newest version came as a significant solution for many issues its devices encountered. The iOS 12.4 came with lots of features, improvements, and other features that created an even better experience.

Users got new options for their apps, connectivity, and speed also. iOS 12.4 resolved a significant issue with the battery life, for example, and the Wi-Fi connectivity just seemed to boost faster. They also introduced a security fix, which is more reliable, and an incredible feature, the Walkie-Talkie app for the latest series of Apple Watches.

Even with such incredible improvements, jailbreak fans will always love to be free to install third-party apps and customize their Apple devices better. Ned Williamson, from Google Project Zero, stated that the iOS 12.4 jailbreak works brilliantly on the iPhone XR. He also said that someone could quickly develop the perfect spyware for it, but that another discussion.

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