Saints Row 5 Is Under Development, According To THQ Nordic Game Publisher

Saints Row games have always been known for their entertaining characters, the open world, and cars racing sequences. The game genre it adheres to is called sandbox, combining elements of action, vehicular gameplay, and adventure. Game publisher THQ Nordic stated in its latest earnings call that Saints Row 5 is in the works at series developer Volition.

You might now that since the year of 2013 when Saints Row IV was released, Volition has yet to release any game, and with that said this would be changing soon.

No new details have been revealed as of now regarding the latest installment in the Saints Row franchise, but we believe we might get some further information pretty soon, Volition being know to tease details of their games in the past on several occasions.

Saints Row 5 Might Be Under Development, As Suggested by THQ Nordic

It’s been a long time since we last saw a Saints Row game, four to be precise, and about six years since we had a release that would please the fans. The more recent release coming from Volition was in August 2017 when they released Agents of Mayhem, resembling Saints Row in many ways, revolving around its own universe.

Gamescom might be the event at which Volition will be confirming their next project, the new Saints Row 5 we heard of, but perhaps filled with more details regarding the game. One thing that leans us on believing they will reveal something this year is that THQ Nordic confirmed this Saints Row project to their investors.

THQ also confirmed the fact that its “deep” in development, perhaps with the Saints Row 5 title. With no new Grand Theft Auto 6 sequel in perspective for the moment, a new Saints Row 5 might give a fresh breathe of air to the gaming industry with its open-world-crime-action gameplay.

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