3 Google Play Music Problems And How To Fix Them

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is Google’s own music player and streaming app that comes pre-installed in most Android phones. It’s used by many people and has 35 million songs, plus you can pay for subscription, which gives you access to the whole portfolio that Google offers. It also comes with access to YouTube Red.

If you don’t want to use the streaming app service, you can use the tool as a music player and enjoy your favorite tunes from your phone. However, if you want to use it both as an app and music player, you’ll find it to be a great option.

Like many other apps, Google Play Music has its problems too, and this guide will look at three main problems with the app and how to fix them.

How to fix Google Play Music Problems

Duplicated tracks

You can sync your Google Play Music library with iTunes and some music files could come as duplicates. To resolve this problem, do the following:

Delete the duplicate tracks or the entire library manually and upload songs again ensuring you don’t re-upload the duplicates. Google’s music app doesn’t provide a way of identifying and deleting the duplicate tracks.

There is a way that you can remove duplicate tracks if you have some technical knowledge of the process, though.

Payment issues

Google Play Music users may face some error messages that show they have payment issues especially the first time when their renewal is declined or couldn’t be processed. Also, it could be that the card wasn’t eligible.

To resolve these issues:

  • Remove and add the credit card to Google Payments again and make sure the information you key in from the card is correct. If it works on other places and not on Google Play Music, contact Google or your bank to get further troubleshooting steps.
  • Restart the app and Play Store by going to Settings>Applications (Apps or Application Manager) and then scroll down to find Google Play Store. Tap Force Stop>Storage>Clear Cache and then tap clear data. You can find the latter in Storage and USB depending on your device, and when done, open Play Store and try paying for the app subscription again

Tracks missing on phone but available on web player

If you can see some tracks on your web player but can’t access them on the phone from the app, you need to do this:

  • Clear cache by going to Settings>Storage and tap Clear Cache. Some devices have it under Storage and USB
  • Restart the phone or device and open Google Play Music and find your music tracks

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