iPhone SE black screen – Get The Fix

iPhone SE black screen

Are you getting the iPhone SE black screen, or it just won’t turn on? For some reason, following the implementation of ios 10, some things have changed after the iPhone SE’s 9.3 platform which had more enhanced battery life and overall performance.

In fact, several post ios update reports show flaws in iPhone SE, whose users encounter issues with the recent update. One of these includes the black screen or the phone not turning on.

If you’re among the users struggling to fix this problem, either the phone is stuck in black screen or won’t turn on especially after ios 10 update, you can use the following fixes to resolve it.

Why iPhone SE black screen occurs and how to fix it

Power issues like this one and others can be triggered by factors like corrupt files or faulty apps, which also affect the overall performance of the iPhone as they’re all using the same platform. It’s possible that the system’s configuration could be messed up by an errant app, which leads to more problems including those of the startup process.

What to do when you get the iPhone SE black screen

Turn on the iPhone again

Force restart the iPhone by pressing and holding down the Power and Volume Down buttons at a go for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

Connect the iPhone to a charger

This is done to rule out the problem of insufficient battery life. Connect your iPhone to its charger and let it charge until it has enough power, at least an hour or so. Check that you plugged in everything properly and the ports are debris-free as this prevents them from charging. Try a different adapter or power cable.

Restore the iPhone and re-install ios

If your iPhone SE black screen persists, you can restore the device as the issue could be caused by random app malfunction or a corrupt program that a system restore can rectify. Get a computer with the latest iTunes version installed and then do the following:

  • Connect to a computer and force restart your iPhone
  • When you see the Apple logo, keep holding the Power and Volume Down buttons until the Recovery Mode screen appears
  • Select Update when prompted to restore or update
  • Wait for iTunes to try reinstalling the ios and complete the software download for your iPhone

Perform DFU restore

Default Firmware Update or DFU is a deep restore that erases and reloads each bit of code that controls your iPhone’s hardware and software. To do this, back up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, and then follow these steps:

  • Connect to a computer and force restart your iPhone
  • Open iTunes and then press and hold the Power and Home buttons for 8 seconds
  • Release the Power button but hold the Home button
  • When you enter recovery mode prompt on iTunes, release Home button
  • The iPhone’s screen will go black showing you’re in DFU mode. Restore it through iTunes in DFU mode and turn it on to see if it works

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