Solstice of Heroes Update for Destiny 2 is now out for PS4 and Xbox One

Get ready for new armour sets and loot! Bungie’s new update for Destiny 2 is up and running so go and check it out as soon as possible!

Bungie says that armour sets from the Solstice of Heroes update will require an upgrade from their uncommon “Drained” state to their rare “Renewed” state.

After fully completing the upgrade process for the armour, you will be given the “Majestic” Legendary set, according to Bungie.

What you need to do

Bungie says that in order to upgrade the armour, Guardians have to go through various objectives for each armour piece before moving on to the next set. In the end there will be a last set of objectives available to unlock the version “Masterwork”. Developers say that upgrading these sets is a nice experience, but it requires commitment, time and effort.

What you get

Bungie says that regardless what full Legendary sets a player earns, their new upgraded armour versions will be available to pick up from the Gunsmith when Shadowkeep is released. In order to claim other eligible sets, players have to switch the character they are logged in as.

The new update is scheduled to run until August 27. The game will feature daily events revolving one of three elements: Void, Solar and Arc. Elemental kills award players Elemental Orbs, which will let you advance through objectives to upgrade your armour.

It’s notable that the new update added various tweaks, bug fixes and a very long list of more or less significant changes made to the game in the official patch notes.

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