Fix The Samsung Galaxy M30 Mobile Network Not Available

Samsung users will probably recognize the Galaxy M30 as a mid-range smartphone from the company’s roster. The device was released in early 2019 and it has pretty solid build for a plastic body.

The phone has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with a respectable 1080 x 2340 p resolution. The rear of the phone has a triple camera system and the front-facing camera comes in at an also respectable 16 GB.

Mobile Network Not Available Causes and Fixes

The first step you should take before looking at the fixes below is to ensure that your device is running the latest update in terms of the OS. An update usually has a variety if fixes when it comes to glitches and bugs. This particular issue is carrier related so you might want to look that up in the update.

Verify if the network issue is area related. Most of these irritating network connectivity issues come from blind spots in the carriers network. These can be entire geographical areas or just a shopping mall or an office building. Move around a little and check if the signal changes. Ask people around you if they have reception based on their carrier.

Soft reset. Your device will sometimes be affected by corrupted data it stores. This affects the optimal performance of the phone by disrupting its subroutines. Any such data can be purged by restarting your phone. Hold down the Power and Volume buttons for 45 seconds to perform a Soft reset.

Sim card. Your phone or the environment may not cause the connectivity issues you’re faced with. The sim card can be the culprit in some situations. Take out your sim and put in back again. If your connectivity flickers or just stays dead than you might want to request another sim card from your carrier. Pun another sim in your phone to compare performance.

Change your mobile network. Sometimes it’s best to stick with the Autoconnect option in your settings and let your phone design which network it should connect to based on signal. Other times you should manually search for a network that has more strength if the Autoconnect fails you.

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