League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.15 Mid-Patch Updates: Bugfixes and the Legacy Cursor

Patch 9.15 might have been lighter for League of Legends, but for its new permanent autobattler mode, Teamfight Tactics, it brought a ton of changes. If you haven’t seen them yet, head over to this article. Right now, the next patch – patch 9.16 is now in PBE, focusing on some more balances and in TFT on the new origin – Hextech, and the four champions that will go live in around two weeks.

However, Patch 9.15 has just begun, and like most of the previous patches, it now has a mid-patch update. Let’s check them out – the one for LoL and the one for TFT.

Mid-Patch Updates – League of Legends

There are no bugs to be squashed, and everything works as intended, but Riot has decided to keep the Legacy Cursor this patch and has reverted the removal after receiving feedback from players:

“We were a little hasty with the permanent removal of the Legacy Cursor as an option in 9.15. As a result of your feedback, we’re keeping it in 9.15 and onward at this time. That being said, we’re still planning on removing the option entirely in the future, but enough players have expressed their preference for the gauntlet in light of the news and we want to respect that.”

Mid-Patch Updates – Teamfight Tactics

In TFT, there are several bugs that had to be fixed, ranging from Champion bugs to item bugs, item changes, and a Cho’Gath nerf.

Item Bug/ Changes

Frozen Heart

Fixed a bug where Frozen Heart applied more debuffs to an enemy, it will now act as intended. “If the Frozen Heart holder leaves and returns to an affected unit, the debuff will be refreshed not stacked

Ionic Spark

Fixed a bug where Ionic Spark didn’t work against assassins


Thornmail Damage changed from True to Magic

Champion Bugs and Fixes


“Akali’s ability now critically strikes according to her crit chance as intended, down from always”


Cho’Gath Ability Damage lowered from 250/500/750 to 200/400/600


Fixed Mordekaiser’s Health – lowered from 500 to 550 (as it was meant to be in 9.15, but it didn’t get live for some reason)

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