Google Chrome 76 Launched With Improvements And Better Optimization

The popular browser from Google is specially designed for Android but works very well on any platform. Chrome is very user-friendly, secure, and pretty fast despite all the RAM that it holds up on computers. Chrome promotes swiftness and organization, no matter your activities or preferences. All the Google services like the translator are built in the browser to enhance your experience further. Google Chrome 76 comes with improvements and better optimization.

Google Chrome Features

  • Typing economy – Chrome remembers your search history and formulates results you might be interested in before you finish typing in the search bar. Its Autofill function also gives your fingers a rest by remembering the information you previously typed like addresses and account information.
  • Syncing – Google services have the excellent ability to remember all your information and preferences that you input into the browser. This information can be immediately accessed from another device due to the synchronization Google does. Just log into your Google account on the new device, and you’re all set.
  • Tap/click to search – Looking up information is made more accessible by Google. This is because you can right-click or tap any given the word on a webpage and automatically receive search results in a new tab.
  • Protecting your device – Google has lots of safety protocols working in the background. But in some cases, websites that match with Google’s fraudulent criteria, you are warned against accessing them. Usually with a red screen and an exclamation mark.
  • Save on mobile data – For the users that are being swindled from unlimited internet ( it’s $5 a month in some parts of the world ), Google has a nifty function called Lite mode. This compresses the information on websites while still maintaining quality. This severely reduces the data consumption on your device.
  • Tailored recommendations – Google Chrome maps out your browsing history to see what you like. The browser then gives you personalized articles on the new tab page.

What’s New In Google Chrome 76?

Google Chrome 76 entirely ignores the usage settings of Adobe Flash Player, so you’ll have to re-enable that now. That’s just the start of Google’s campaign to altogether ditch the use of Flash Player that is known to be vulnerable to hacking. Also, Google Chrome 76 will now block sites’ tracking systems while using the browser in Incognito Mode.

Another exciting addition in Google Chrome 76 is that the sites are now able to enable dark mode, depending on the users’ OS theme.

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