Google Home Mini 2 – Top 5 Features The Fans Would Love To See

The first Google Home Mini was released in 2017, and this $35 speaker was a real competitor for the Amazon Echo Dot. Not only is it useful, but many times over has it been on sales or came in bundles with other unrelated products, and being this affordable only means that having at least three or five in your home is relatively common these days. We already know how great this speaker is, yet how can it be improved by the upcoming Google Home Mini 2?

Five Features The Google Home Mini 2 Must Sport To Please The Fans

Better Controls

The only buttons that are physical and can be pressed are the reset button positioned at the bottom and the mute button that is on the back. If you want to adjust the volume, you will have to tap the sides of this device. Did you know that? Not so intuitive, is it?

The ability to call on Google Assistant will most certainly be done by the press of a button, just as it was before, yet some things can use some polish. A nice touch to the control panel would be a Galaxy-Watch pattern of a rotating bezel to adjust the volume.

Stereo Pairing

Another addition to Google Home Mini 2 should be the stereo pairing, not only to the Mini 2 but also to the Mini through a software update.

Audio Output

Amazon Echo is known for having a 3.5mm jack, but the Mini, since the Chromecast Audio was discontinued, has no easy way of setting another speaker as a Cast speaker. Not having a 3.5mm jack would be a real disappointment for the Google Home Mini 2 now that the Cast-enabled speakers are more common.

Wall Fixing

Because of its low profile, the Mini can be vertically-fixed on the wall just as well as it can sit on a table. Even if there are many other third-party solutions to this same wall adapters, a factory-made solution would be very welcomed.

Resistance to Splash

Even if it is an extraordinary bathroom speaker, the Mini does not have any official water resistance. Also, if the price point of $35 might be a far-fetched wish, maybe it can be done in Google Home Mini 2.

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