Apple Watch 5 Release Date, Price, and Rumors

Apple Watch 5 would be the next generation of Apple smartwatches. While we know very few official details on Apple Watch 5, rumors emerged over the Internet.

Apple Watch 5 – Release Date and Price

There is no fixed release date for the Apple Watch 5, but if we take a look at what happened in the last years, this should be after September 2019. However, it has been only a few months since its predecessor was launched, so if you need a smartwatch, the Apple Watch 4 is just great.

September is the month of Apple Watch as both the 3rd and the 4th were introduced in that month in 2017 and 2018, respectively. This path seems to be what the company wants. The devices are also released ten days after they are introduced by Apple, so you will not have to wait too much until you can buy the Apple Watch 5 after it is announced.

Regarding the prices, we can only hope that it will not be more expensive than last year’s that cost $399 / £399 / AU$599 for the smallest GPS version.

Apple Watch 5 – News and Rumors

There are still a lot of pieces of information that need to be received regarding the next Apple Watch. What we know is that one of the models will get a new ceramic casing design, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a trusted Apple analyst. He also said that more countries would get Apple Watches 5 with support for the ECG monitor and a new way of charging it.

In addition to that, he thinks that Apple will introduce on its new next generation of smartphones a two-way wireless charging so you could use the battery of your iPhone 11 to charge your Apple Watch, by placing it on the rear of the device. Do you think the Apple Watch 5 is worth waiting for or the 4th one is enough?

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