Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Release Date, Trade-In Deals, And Pre-Orders Announced

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus or the Note 10 have not been announced by Samsung yet, but you can reserve your device as of today because the tech giant has just opened them. You can get a discount of up to $600 if you reserve one and offer a good trade-in. In addition to that, you can also buy other goos such as wearables of accessories with the $50 voucher you receive. Before the Galaxy S10 was unveiled, Samsung has offered a similar deal where you would get a spot in line for the S10 before the tech giant announces it. However, this deal is even better because the maximum of the previous one was of $550.

When it comes to trade-in deals, Samsung does not just scratch the surface. You will receive the $600 promised by the company on the same day you send your pre-order or buy a Note 10, and you can take your time posting in your trade because they accept later retrievals. If you have something useful to trade, you can be left with only a few hundred bucks to pay for the Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to start shipping out on August 23rd

At the moment, you need to trade in a Galaxy S10 phone if you want $600 off the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s price. No matter which one you have, S10e, S10 Plus or S10, or even a Note 9 they give you the same voucher. For Note 8, an S9 Plus or an S9, you will only get a reduction of $300. Outside the Samsung family, if you trade in an iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, Pixel 3 XL or Pixel 3, and you still get $600 off.

Besides that, Samsung mentioned that they will announce Galaxy Note 10 on August 7th and the pre-order open the same day as well. However, the devices will start shipping out on August 23rd.

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