Firefox Reality VR Browser Gets On Oculus Quest Headsets

The Firefox Reality VR browser from Mozilla has a more expanded reach now as it comes to the Oculus Quest, one of the biggest platforms. Facebook makes the stand-alone headset, and if you have it, you can watch videos, surf sites, and experiences things you have never thought of through Virtual Reality. In cause you do not use this headset for boring reasons such as checking the news or scrolling on your favorite social media platform, this browser offers you a variety of games and simulations so you can better relax in your free time.

Thanks to the Firefox Reality VR browser, your security can’t be violated, mainly because the Enhanced Tracking Protection is turned on by default. In addition to that, this browser also puts the VR web activities center and front in a portal. When you take a look at the features, you might say the browser looks similar to the other platform versions. For example, it has voice search, which makes browsing more comfortable.

Firefox Reality VR Browser Gets On Oculus Quest Headsets

The free software is language-friendly as it features 10 of them, including Traditional and Simplified Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Mozilla, the developer behind this browser, said that users should stay tuned because it has more to offer. We can’t call this a revolution, especially if you did not mind using the Oculus Browser.

However, it is still an improvement that Oculus Quest owners will enjoy when it comes to VR browsing. Just take a more in-depth look at it, and you will see how significant this browser alternative is, and you will be happy to use it on the best VR headsets on the market. In addition to that, while you enjoy watching some videos or checking the news, there will be no wires bothering you.

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