PUBG Season 4 Rolled Out With Revamped Erangel, New Content, And More

Many battle royale games are getting a new season in this period, and PUBG is one of them. The PUBG Season 4 has rolled out on PC by PUBG Corp. The changes the new Season 4 introduces are amazing. For example, the original map gets a revamp, and there will be new rewards to unlock and missions to complete in the latest Survivor Pass.

What’s new in PUBG Season 4?

Erangel, the map mentioned above, will get the biggest changes as the whole way the players see it was modified. The company behind the game said that Erangel’s graphical quality was improved in various areas and terrains as well. You will see updated textures and many more.

According to the developer, the signage, existing terrain, and building received an update, and some areas now have their own building. The history of the map needed to be better illustrated so some terrain elements were revised and some were added. Some areas of the map even have blast marks, abandoned tanks, trenches, and camo nets. It is all more exciting.

PUBG Season 4 Survivor Pass details

Aftermath or the Season 4 Survivor Pass of PUBG can now be purchased. If you want it, you need to pay ten bucks and get it on Steam. It is said to offer its owners a range of premium, seasonal, and weekly missions that need to be completed. This way the player will level up faster an get new cosmetics and other rewards such as clothing items, emotes and weapon skins.

A new cooperative mission system is also introduced by the new PUBG Season 4 Survivor Pass, and you can say it is similar with the Party Assist feature from Fortnite that allows players to make a squad of companions and make contributions to the progress of a mission.

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