Fix iPhone Poor Battery Life After Updating To iOS 12.4

If you’ve recently installed iOS 12.4 Update and you’ve seen your battery life changing to worse, then you should follow this article cause we might have the solution. From time to time, whenever you install a new update for you iPhone it might decalibrate your battery, also putting heavy amounts of workload on it. This might also happen with the installation of iOS 12.4.

Fix iPhone Poor Battery Life After Updating To iOS 12.4

Do nothing

You don’t have to do a thing. Your iPhone needs a bit of time to recalibrate its battery and to do that you have to use it normally but try to charge it a bit more often. This will take several days or a few recharge cycles so your phone can get back to normal. This recalibration won’t have any side effects on your battery, but it might look like your battery is draining faster than it used to.

Fully charge your iPhone

If the days are passing and you still don’t see any differences, then it might be worth charging your iPhone to 100% and then try to drain it down below 10% and only after that you can start recharging it. You’d better remember this trick cause it will prove useful in your future because battery issues from updates happen quite a lot on iPhone models.

It might be just a faulty iOS 12.4 update

If you’re still having problems fixing this issue with your battery, then it might be the update’s fault after all. Still, there are not enough reports confirming any battery draining issues, but if there will be more, Apple will be forced to roll out a new update that would fix the supposed problem.

Anyhow, you’re also having at your own disposal many tools that Apple provided you with, that you can use and determine the exact cause of the poor battery life after updating to iOS 12.4.

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