WhatsApp: Use the App on Any Feature Phone Running on KaiOS

We have all heard of WhatsApp and its perks. It’s the most popular social messaging app out there. Its base is of 1.5 billion users. Is it here for every platform, even on your PC. However, up until now, WhatsApp could not be used on devices that run on KaiOS. This thing is about to change. The company has finally released a new version of the app that would enable all the users to get access to this app.

Only those users of JioPhone and the JioPhone 2 could actually use WhatsApp on their feature phones. They both run on KaiOS. It was first released in India on September 2018. Now it is being released all across the world, from Africa to Europe to Southeast Asia and Latin America. And, of course, let’s not forget North America.

Besides JioPhone and the JioPhone 2, the devices with KaiOS feature phones that will meet the WhatsApp update are Nokia 8110, MTN Smart, Cat B35, Doro 7060, Orange Sanza, Multilaser ZAPP, and Positivo P70S. With this last update, feature phones that run on KaiOS, which support 256MB RAM or 512MB RAM will also support the app.

Why is this good news?

Truth be told, KaiOS has been an essential partner in helping to bring the app to feature phones from all around the globe. By adding WhatsApp on KaiOS, they make some kind of bridge that gets rid of the digital gap that does not allow people to connect with their friends and family in a simple way.

Facebook is already available on KaiOS in Africa, India, Europe, and some other Asia-Pacific countries (this has happened since the third quarter of the year). All these feature phones will come with WhatsApp pre-installed.

As of now, WhatsApp is currently working on a brand new feature, that will allow the users of the iPhone to preview their voice messages before they send them.

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