Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Charge Faster Than Any Other Flagship

The event Samsung will host on 7th of August for the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and its smaller variant the Note 10 is approaching rapidly. Photos of the devices and details began circling the internet, WinFuture offering the latest. They talked about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus syncronizing with previous details: the display of the Note 10 Plus will measure 6.8 inches but have similar aesthetics to the Galaxy Note 9’s. Samsung gets the bezels shrunken even more, and the design’s efficiency brings a bigger screen.

According to the report from WinFuture, a microSD slot will only be added by Samsung in the Note 10 Plus which will not have a headphone jack of any size, just like its sibling which will not feature a microSD slot.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to charge faster than any other flagship

Regarding how long it takes to charge the Note 10 Plus and Note 10, when plugged in the smartphones can reach 45 watts while the wireless charger that will soon be released as well will only give them 20 watts. The battery of the bigger sibling is a 4,300mAh one. Many people are arguing on the topic of the speed the wireless charging will have, debating over 25W or 20W. @OnLeaks suggests that the PowerShare feature from Samsung allows the phones to charge from one another with a speed of 15W.

More Samsung Galaxy Note 10 details

For more details regarding the specs, we will say that the recently announced Snapdragon 855 Plus will be powering the Note 10 Plus smartphones shipping in certain regions while the ones shipping in the rest of the feature will get their power from Samsung’s own 7-nanometer Exynos 9825. The three rear cameras are ultra-wide (16MP), standard (12MP), and telephoto (12MP) while featuring a time-of-flight sensor on the rear.

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